Overlooked!!! Why You Should Clean Your Clean Your Chimney Every Year

Posted on Dec 10, 2019

Everyone who’s ever burned anything before knows what soot is. It’s the black, powdery substance left behind on anything that fire has touched. It’s messy and very difficult to clean. 

Creosote, however, is another by-product of burning wood. As it builds up in your chimney, it becomes more and more flammable, making your chimney a fire just waiting...

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Is It Ok To Decorate My Home For Christmas While Selling In December?

Posted on Nov 26, 2019

YES! The Christmas holidays are a wonderful time of year and when you’ve chosen to sell your home, you’ll simply want to make sure your home is easy to be seen. 

You don’t want to over decorate making it difficult for your home’s features to be readily visible.  

Think simple elegance.


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Need to declutter your home but have no idea where to start?

Posted on Nov 18, 2019

Everyone has stuff just lying around the house that they don’t use anymore. Okay, some of us have more junk than others, but there’s no doubt that all of us could use a little help when it comes to decluttering the mess.  

Research shows that people tend to feel more stressed and out of control when they are surrounded by clutter.

If you havn't found t...

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Why Decorating With Fake Flowers is a Smart Choice! 

Posted on Nov 08, 2019

Artificial flowers as home décor are making a comeback. With today’s fake flowers looking as lifelike as their real counterparts, there’s no reason to deal with the mess and hassle of fresh flowers as décor anymore. Read through the benefits below and decide for yourself whether artificial flowers would be a good choice in your own home or not.

1. T...

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Thinking Of Purchasing An Older Home? Here Are Things to Consider

Posted on Nov 04, 2019

Many older homes have foundation issues. While old stone foundations are rather strong, the mortar used between the stones isn’t as strong, which can lead to cracking and uneven settling. Cement block foundations are prone to the same type of problems, resulting in water leakage and mildew/mold growth. Finally, older...

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6 Things to Do Now to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Posted on Oct 29, 2019

Are you ready for winter?

It's almost November, and the cold, really cold  weather will be here before you’ve had a chance to pull those winter mits out of storage. 

Get organised before the snowy weather comes by taking care of a few things in and around the house now, while it's still bearable temperature-wise, and you aren't knee deep in snow and ic...

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