Summer Open House Tips

The warmer months typically mean a spike in demand for homes. So it’s more important than ever to make that open house the best. 

Here are some things you/your agent can do to throw a killer summer open house:

 1. Refreshments at an open house are a nice bonus most of the year, but they’re a necessity during the summer. When temperatures are on the rise, make sure to have plenty of cold beverages on hand for your guests. Load up a cooler or two with water bottles, lemonade and iced tea. It will keep visitors hydrated and hopefully make them stick around.  

2. You need to create a comfortable environment for visitors, especially during our current heat wave. Easier said than done when you have large groups of people coming in and out all day. That means you’ll need to get strategic about keeping cool. Open downstairs windows that face the direction of the wind to let in a cool breeze. Keep the A/C running, crank up the ceiling fans, and, if needed, set up some well-placed standing fans in areas where people may congregate. As a last resort, close the blinds on the side of the house that faces the sun, as long as you still get enough natural light and your rooms aren’t left too dark. 

3. Visitors are going to want to head outside to check out the yard. You don’t want them to be drenched in sweat and eager to run back inside. While you can’t control the weather, try to set up a small getaway from the heat. If you have big trees or an area with natural shade, set up a few lawn chairs where visitors can relax (and take the time to contemplate their offer). You can use a couple of umbrellas to create a shady spot for guests to enjoy the yard without getting scorched by the sun. 

4. When selling your home, you’re probably focused on the adults that come to your open house but what about the kids!!!! Sure, the parents are the ones that will be making the final homebuying decision. But if their kids are cranky and miserable, potential buyers will be distracted and have a tough time visualizing their life in the home.  Keep the little ones busy with fun and easy activities like games, puzzles or a coloring station. This will keep them occupied while the parents have a chance to take a good look around.

5. The summer heat can fry your flowers and turn lawns brown. Unfortunately, this won’t help sell your home. During the summer months, put extra effort into landscaping and maintaining your yard and garden.  Plant fresh flowers, keep your pool clean and water your lawn. The lawn is often the first thing people see before entering an open house, and if yours looks unappealing, you may have trouble getting people in the door. On the other hand, keeping up with your lawn and beautifying the area can boost curb appeal and entice people to check out your place. 

6. Having snacks at your open house is a nice touch to welcome visitors. But you don’t want your snack tray to turn into a sticky mess during the summer months. Stick with things that fare well at room temperature. Fresh fruit and veggie trays, for example, are ideal. 

The bottom line - open houses are still a great platform in which to sell your home so you and/or your agent need to look after each and every person that takes the time to come and visit your home.  Making it a unique and enjoyable experience is key. 

- Justin