7 Easy Home Storage Ideas

Homes always have little things lying around that need to be stored properly. Instead of buying loads of storage containers, use the supplies you already have at home to store your stuff. Check out different storage hacks you can use to get your things in order!

Use Chalkboard Paint For Labeling
Chalkboard paint can be used for a number of things around your house, especially when it comes to organizing your kitchen. You can use it to label the tops of jars and other containers that are used to store ingredients. This is perfect for spices, seeds, nuts, herbs and more. It’s much easier and simpler to know what’s inside your jars and containers with these labels, without having them to be visible from the outside.

DIY Chip Clips
This DIY is as easy as it sounds! All you need are extra plastic hangers that are designed to hang skirts and pants. Just cut the sides of the hangers that have the clips parts. Once you do that, you’ll have 2 clip parts from each hanger and you'll be able to use them as chip clips for your kitchen. You can use these clips for other food items too!

Get A Rotating Food Tray For Your Fridge
A rotating tray can be very convenient and it can be used for a number of different things in your kitchen, especially in your fridge. Having rotating trays in your fridge shelves with food items and bottles will save you from having to reach the back of your fridge. Now you don’t have to knock over anything while reaching the back of your fridge!

Organize Your Cords
Tangled cords can be a disaster. To store them neatly, take a shoebox or any unused box, create different compartments using cardboard and roll your cords into the individual compartments. You can also label the compartments to remember which cable does what. There you go, a simple and easy way to store your cords neatly.

No-Slip Hangers
Having clothes fall off of wire and plastic hangers can create a huge mess in your closet. However, there is a solution to this! Instead of spending money on buying special no-slip hangers, just make some yourself! All you need are some pipe cleaners and attach them at the ends of the hangers. They will keep your clothes in place and also enable you to put your clothes on the hangers easily.

Store Your Shoes In Plastic Bottles
This storage hack is one of the simplest and smartest hacks! All you need are old soda bottles that are large enough to fit a pair of shoes/sandals. Just cut the top off of the plastic bottles, clean them and use them to store extra pairs of shoes.

Use Shower Curtain Rings To Organize Your Scarves
If you have a collection of scarves, you probably understand the hassle of keeping them organized. An easy way to keep them organized in one place is to use shower curtain rings. Simply place the rings in plastic rods or towel bars and there you have it, a well organized system for your scarves!

- Justin