Selling Your Home? 

Ask yourself this quick question, will a prospective buyer know the use of that room that you are storing all the kids toys and junk in?

Make sure you stage every single room, do not presume that a buyer can visualise the space they see.  Sometimes it really does need to be
physically shown to them so:

? Set up rooms in your home for their intended purpose. 

? Declutter and be sure to show off how spacious that room is. 

? Arrange furniture in such a way that the room flows, do not cover windows and light with furniture. 

? If the room is empty, it's equally as important to show its intended use.  An empty room has no warmth, personality or life. It's not inviting and certainly doesn't help a buyer visualise their  new life in that room.  Add furniture, a use for that room that will in turn attract buyers.  

? Get rid of any furniture and others objects in the room that isn't needed in a particular room for the purposes of selling your home. You are showing the buyer their perfect lifestyle.  

? Go neutral - a neutral room provides a blank canvass to help a buyer visualise what they can do themselves in that space.

 - Justin