6 Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Not all of us can be blessed with sprawling bedrooms. If yours barely gives you enough room to get dressed in each day without having to stand half inside the closet, you’re not alone. The good news is, there are several things you can do to make that bedroom look and feel more spacious. If this sounds like something you’d like to hear more about, keep reading.

Utilize Wall Space Instead Of Floor Space
The worst thing you can do in a tiny bedroom is waste its precious floor space on things that can be mounted on the wall instead. Racks, lights, lamps, shelves, and even a flat-screen TV can be mounted on the walls to save your floor space for important items like the bed and nightstand while making the room feel bigger.

Play A Trick On Your Eyes With Mirrors
No matter how much you arrange and rearrange your bedroom furniture, space is still going to be very limited. You can create a feeling of space by decorating the walls with mirrors. Place large mirrors on one wall to draw the eye and make it see beyond the wall itself. Another neat trick is to place mirrors on opposite walls facing each other. This tactic creates a window-like effect that makes the room feel as if it extends further than it actually does.

Force The Eyes Upward
Install a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit to create a long vertical line that draws the eyes upward. Not only does this make a room feel bigger, it gives you lots of extra storage, too.

Choose Colors Wisely
Dark colors may look great in spacious rooms, but in small ones, they can be very oppressive and overbearing. Choose light colors like white, creams, and light grays to open the space visually. If color is your thing, try accenting with darker colors – but keep them to a minimum.

Keep Clutter To A Minimum
The less you have in your small bedroom, the bigger it appears. Keep things like excess furniture, laundry baskets, bookshelves and the like to a minimum and keep the space tidy and neat. If you can do it, just having your bed and a nightstand is the best way to make the space appear larger than it is.

Try Not To Block Walkways And Doorways
It’s very tempting to move things into free spaces such as walkways and doorways, but if you have to constantly turn sideways to get around something, it’s not an ideal place for it to be. Try to keep doors and pathways clear so your bedroom is functional and spacious looking.

Just because your bedroom is small doesn’t mean it can’t feel more spacious. Using one or all of the tips listed above, you can turn your tiny shoebox bedroom into a larger-feeling space you won’t mind spending time in.

- Justin