How To Detect Bedbugs Infestation Before You Settle In A New Home

Moving into a new home can be exciting and thrilling as well as a tiresome experience for most people. Having unpacked and organized your possessions and ready for your first night in your new house is a feeling like no other. Now, your excitement can turn into pain and discomfort when you realize that your home has a bedbug infestation. Bedbugs are now becoming a menace which is raising concerns among new renters and homeowners. In most cases, your potential landlord may not inform you about possible past bedbug infestation or may not even be aware of a current one. So, there are ways in which you can detect if your potential home or apartment could be having bedbugs.

Steps To Ensure That Your New Home Is Bedbugs-Free
Before you move into a new house, carry out these steps to ensure that your potential home is not infested with bedbugs. Inquire from local and non-emergency contacts whether your building has had any past or current bedbug infestation. Have a bedbug inspection conducted prior to moving in. Inquire from management if any bedbug infestation has occurred and how it was managed. Also, carry out online research on previous tenant reviews regarding bedbugs. Get to know your potential neighbors and inquire about the building. Eliminate clutter within your possessions and buy box-springs and mattress encasements. If your choice of transport is a moving company, you can have the truck inspected for any bedbugs. Minimize the amount of second-hand items you bring to your home. Use a bedbug barrier spray on any necessary second-hand items. Be aware of your environment for any tell-tale signs of a bedbug infestation.

Signs That Help You Identify Bedbugs In A New Home
Musty smell – many people who experience a bedbug infestation will often report the presence of a musty smell such as that of rotting raspberries. Thus, if your new home has a musty smell it is advisable to have it inspected for bedbugs to prevent future discomfort once you are settled in. Cracks and spots – bedbugs can be as thick as a credit card. Their flat body structure allows them to hide in any tiny cracks. Thus, if your potential home or apartment has tiny cracks then it is important to have your house inspected and fumigated. Also, maroon or brown spots that appear on the walls can be a tell-tale sign of a bedbug infestation. Spots in hard-to-reach areas – while inspecting a house, make sure to look into any dark areas such as drawers and cabinets. Bring a flashlight if you must and check for brown spots. Also, check for bedbugs in the baseboards as they can easily hide within.

- Justin