How To Save Money On Your Heating Bill This Winter

With winter just around the corner, it’s a good time to start preparing your home for the long, cold months ahead. Many homeowners aren’t aware that small things like a leaky threshold can adversely affect their heating bills each month. Rather than throw money out the proverbial window, tackle the tasks below to prevent heat loss and cut your home’s heating bill this winter.

Replace Old Weather Stripping Around Doors And Windows
One of the biggest culprits of heat loss is old, worn-out weather stripping. Cracked and missing weather stripping allows air to pass through easily, making your furnace work harder than it should. Ultimately, this results in higher energy bills. If the weather stripping around your doors and windows looks worn or you feel drafts coming in, replace it with new, flexible weather stripping before the cold weather sets in.

Check Doorway Thresholds
Get down on your hands and knees and inspect the doorway thresholds at the entry points in your home. If you can see daylight, you’re losing heat at a rapid pace and paying a fortune in energy each month. If the thresholds are adjustable, raise them up until you can no longer see daylight under the door. If the thresholds aren’t adjustable, install door sweeps on the bottom of the door to close the gap.

Use Portable Heaters
Portable heaters allow you to heat the area you’re in while keeping the rest of your home a little cooler, thus saving money on your energy bill. There are several portable heaters on the market, so check them out to find one that best suits your needs.

Use Plastic On Windows And Patio Doors
Did you know that nearly 30 percent of your home’s heat is lost through uninsulated glass windows and doors? When you think of that number in terms of monetary loss, the amount is staggering. You can cut down on this energy and monetary loss by using plastic film to cover the windows and patio doors in your home. Plastic is the perfect winter insulator because it allows virtually zero air flow in or out of the window, it’s easy to install and remove, and it only costs a few dollars to purchase.

Don’t Forget The Attic
A poorly insulated attic will allow warm air to escape, costing you hundreds of dollars extra each year. You can help lessen this heat loss by making sure your attic is well insulated as well as making sure the attic door itself is sealed, too.

Install A Smart Thermostat
Today’s technology makes it easy to save money on your heating bill. Install a smart thermostat and take advantage of its many great features. For example, many units can detect the outside temperature, as well as things like humidity, and adjust the inside temperature so it’s always comfortable without you having to lift a finger. Another great feature of a smart thermostat is that most connect to your smartphone, so you can control the ambient temperature inside your home even when you’re away. With cheaper models starting at around $30, it pays to install a smart thermostat before winter strikes.

Cold weather and heat loss can empty your wallet fast. Don’t get caught out in the cold this winter. Follow the tips above to cut your home’s heating bills now.

- Justin