Do We Have to Reveal That Our Neighbours Next Door Are A Nightmare? 

This is a great question and perhaps one that you wouldn't necessarily think to ask your agent but nevertheless can be an issue for some. 

A British study found that one of the top 10 reasons people move is because they want to get away from problem neighbours, either those who are aggressive, or those who are noisy or messy. Real estate agents say the top reasons people move in Ontario has more to do with upsizing, downsizing, getting closer to good schools, jobs or their families.

But some of us Ontarians are blessed with unruly neighbours, those neighbours who like to rev up their Harley Ds on a Sunday morning, or the party animals that are still singing Sweet Caroline until sunrise or perhaps your neighbours are killing your Sunday morning lie ins because of the nose of their lawn mower at 6am or you live next door to what sounds like the local animal shelter!!!!!! Whether its noise, smell, ugly fencing, untidy garden,  attitude, sometimes we end up living next to the neighbourhood jerk!!!!   

So here is the deal; there is no law that states that you have to let the cat out of the bag about whether you like your neighbour or not.  Neighbourhood conditions do not need to be disclosed to potential buyers. 

HOWEVER, sellers do have to respond truthfully if you are asked a direct question.   So think about one or two things that you like about your neighbour, perhaps they shovel your driveway sometimes, or they have lovely kids, there must be something you like about them, not everyone is all bad, so mention the good stuff if they asked what your neighbours are like.    

Buyers should walk around any neighbourhood that interests them and talk to the neighbours and see and listen for themselves.   But as the Seller, if you are asked point blank if you know of any neighbourhood conditions that could affect the market value, you need to be honest but if you don't know of any, then you have nothing to declare.  
- Justin