Why Use A Realtor To Sell Your Home?

Am I worth the money it costs to use me to help sell your home?

Well you can decide for yourself whether its worth hiring a realtor and a good, experienced one at that. 

So .... should you use the services of a realtor and what do we do?

There's a reason nearly 90% of sellers use a listing agent:

Selling a home takes time, knowledge of neighborhood trends, and negotiating skills. So while eliminating the agent's commission, which sounds mighty tempting, try to resist.

The agent's main tasks are to:

  • Help set the right price
  • Get buyers in the door

Agents have access to the most up-to-date information about recent sales of comparable homes ("comps") and competing listings in your neighborhood. The market is shifting every day. Its my job to keep abreast of those changes.

A good agent will also market your home aggressively. That means recommending staging techniques to make the place look great, maximizing the listing with professional-quality photographs, and showing the house to prospective buyers. Most important, the agent will vet potential buyers so you can deal only with serious prospects.

Once you've found a buyer, I will negotiate counter-offers, track the paperwork, and generally hand-hold you through the most nerve-racking part of the process.

Your home is one if not the largest investment you will make during your life time.  Why wouldn't you seek the help of a professional?

Helping people through the process so they get the outcome they want, that's my job!!!