Open House Mistakes To Avoid

Open houses are still an important and integral part of the marketing process for your home.  

Some of these 10 items will seem obvious and none need any expanding on as they are pretty self explanatory.  Even if you are guilty of just one of these items, its one too many when you are trying to sell your home.  

So here we go:

  1. Leaving a dirty house
  2. Bad first impression due to unimpressive curb appeal
  3. Not maintaining the yard
  4. Leaving your pets hanging around
  5. Unwelcome odors
  6. Keeping the lights off
  7. Keeping confidential documents scattered around
  8. Don’t become your own open house DJ.  No music is good music. You don't want anyone thinking you are trying to cover up a noisy neighbour or nearby train!!!!
  9. Not paying attention to the home temperature
  10. Attending the open house

In other words: 
  • Make sure your house is clean & all tidied up
  • Take a look outside and improve your home’s curb appeal
  • Give your landscaping some proper attention
  • Leave your pet(s) with a family member or best friend for a few hours or take them with you
  • Get rid of any unpleasant smells
  • Turn on all the lights in the house
  • Stash away any personal documents
  • Be careful what type of background music you play
  • Try to keep the temperature constant in all the rooms
  • Ensure you’re not around during open houses