Have You Thought About A Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

This is a super smart idea but only if you haven't done a good job of maintaining your home or perhaps its an older home.  I wouldn't necessarily advise doing one of these if your home isn't either of these things. Your agent will advise you if they think its a good idea but just be aware that you pay for the pre-listing inspection and the buyer pays for the inspection once their offer has been accepted.  
But if you have concerns about the condition of your home in terms of the bones of the home, the parts of your house that you cannot see but presume are working just fine, then perhaps being prepared on what a Buyer’s home Inspection would reveal would be a good idea. 

Taking care of needed home repairs will likely save you money before a Buyer comes to you and tells you what repairs are needed. If a Buyer’s home Inspector’s repair estimate is between $300-$500, what estimate do you think the Buyer will use when requesting money from you in order to make the repair? Yes, you guessed it, they’ll estimate it high at $500; you immediately lost $200! Don’t let them haggle with you, take care of it before when you’ve completed your own home inspection.  

Or if you don’t want to take care of the items highlighted in your home Inspector’s reveal, then simply note the items on your Seller’s Property Disclosure and price accordingly so any home Buyers know what needs fixing and therefore has been reflected in the price of your home’s selling price.

Makes sure you are ready for the Buyer’s attempt to reduce your home’s sale price because everyone wants a bargain!

- Justin