5 Ways To Maximize Energy Conservation In Your Home By Rearranging Furniture

With winter bearing down on us quickly, it’s time to get your home ready. Put plastic on the windows, install new weather stripping on the doors, and rearrange your furniture. Wait… what did we say? Rearrange the furniture? Yes, rearrange the furniture. You can move the furniture around in a room to increase the air flow, thus reducing energy consumption and saving yourself some money each month on the utility bills. Here are five ways to do it.

Be Smart About Electric Equipment Placement
It may not seem like much, but the heat generated by your electric equipment (TVs, computers, etc.) can help keep a room nice and toasty if they are placed correctly. Keep these appliances away from outside walls and windows to reduce heat loss to the outside world.

Warm Seating Placement
It may make sense to place seating near windows to enjoy the view, but in winter, drafts can make this seating arrangement uncomfortable. Place seating away from windows to avoid turning up the heat to compensate for these cold spots.

Be Mindful Of Heat Ducts
Heat ducts are usually on the floor, while air return vents are usually up high on a wall. These must be clear of obstruction for maximum efficiency. Avoid placing large pieces of furniture like couches or bookshelves over these vents, and be mindful of throw rugs, too, so your furnace can do its job easily.

Keep Shades Closed
You may be tempted to open the shades on dreary days to allow light in, but it’s on these cold, dark days that it makes more sense to keep them closed. Keeping the shades shut helps keep as much of the heat inside your home as possible, so you don’t have to run the heat as much.

Choose Wall Décor Wisely
Certain types of décor can insulate outside walls, however minimal. For example, a quilt hung on an outside wall will help keep the cold at bay, while tall bookcases filled with books and/or magazines on an exterior wall will do the same. Alternately, large frames will also help insulate exterior walls, so beef up your wall décor in the winter for even more energy savings.

Whether you live in an apartment or in a home, there are things you should do each fall/winter to safeguard your home against the cold. The tips listed above will help keep the cold out and the heat in for the ultimate in energy consumption savings.