5 Ways To Make A Tiny Bathroom Look Spacious

A tiny bathroom isn’t an ideal situation, and while we can’t really help with making it bigger without some demolition, we can help you make it appear more spacious with these simple tricks.

Make The Room As Bright As Possible
A bright room always looks and feel bigger than a dark, dreary one. Make your tiny bathroom as bright as possible using the tricks below. Colors – paint the walls and ceiling the same light color. Using different colors on different parts of the room breaks the area into sections, which can make it appear smaller. Windows – If the room has a window, use sheer window treatments to let the light shine in. Natural light has a way of making any room look bigger and feel warmer. Lighting – Install flush-mount lighting fixtures in the ceiling to brighten dark areas.

Use Mirrors
Bathrooms typically have at least one mirror for functionality but adding more or bigger ones will add depth and space to the room. Mirrors catch and reflect light in a way that not only brightens the room, but they also extend the eye for a feeling of spaciousness.

Recess Storage
Anything that sticks out into the room divides the area and makes it appear smaller. Try to keep any storage shelves and medicine cabinets as flush to the wall as possible by installing recessed pieces that fit in the wall rather than on it.

Hide Your Bathmat
Many people leave the bathmat on the floor after showering, but in a tiny bathroom, this can make the space look a lot smaller than it is. To give the room an air of spaciousness, hide the bathmat when you’re finished bathing and avoid using any other rugs. A clean, bare floor simply looks bigger than one covered in mats or rugs.

Choose Clear Shower Doors
If your tiny bathroom has shower doors, choose clear glass rather than frosted glass to avoid breaking up the space. Furthermore, opt for a frameless shower door as it will also contribute to the cohesiveness of the space. Lastly, whether tile or tub surround, make sure you use a single color from floor to ceiling in the shower to further contribute to the spacious appearance of the room.

While the above-mentioned hacks won’t actually make your tiny bathroom bigger, they will give the room a feeling of spaciousness. From brightening the room to creating a cohesive shower, these five ways can help you make your tiny bathroom look spacious.