4 Home Skills You Should Know How To Do

One of the perks of renting an apartment is that the landlord or apartment manager fixes everything. If the kitchen sink clogs or your toilet stops working, all you need to do is pick up the phone and the problem will be fixed at your landlord’s earliest convenience. The keywords here, however, are “earliest convenience.” There may be times your landlord or apartment manager isn’t available to repair something in a timely manner. What do you do then? Well, if you’re savvy enough, you fix the issue yourself. Here are four DIY home skills you should know how to do.

Unclog A Drain
While it may be tempting to grab the nearest can of Drano for that clogged sink, keep in mind that many landlords prohibit its use because it damages plumbing. Instead, follow the steps below. Step 1. Remove the drain stopper. Locate the rod under the sink, loosen the nut and pull the stopper out. Step 2. Run a snake down the drain. Slide a snake down the drain as far as it will go several times to remove the clog. Step 3. Replace the drain stopper.

Installing A New Shower Head
As far as DIY projects go, this one is among the easiest. Simply buy a new shower head and some plumber’s tape, unscrew the old shower head, and install the new one. Don’t forget to add a layer of plumber’s tape to the threads before turning on the new showerhead.

How To Find A Stud
Not finding a stud when hanging something heavy can damage the drywall. Finding a stud is easy when you use an electronic stud finder, but you can do it the old-fashioned way just the same. Knock on the wall. A hollow sound means there’s no stud while a solid-sounding knock indicates the presence of a stud. When you find a stud, mark the wall so you know where to place the nail or screw.

Fixing Holes In The Wall
If you rent, knowing how to fix holes in the walls is especially important in order to get your full security deposit back. Repairing nail holes is easy. All you need is some spackle, a putty knife, and some fine-grit sandpaper. Step 1. Apply the spackle. Use the putty knife to apply the spackle. Push a small bit of the spackle into the hole and then smooth it flat using the flat edge of the knife. Step 2. Let it dry, then sand it. Allow the spackle to dry for several hours. Sand the area lightly to smooth and blend the spackle into the wall behind it.

Even if your landlord takes care of all repairs and maintenance in your building, it’s good to know a few handy skills in case he’s not available when simple things break down. Learn the four home skills listed above so you never have to wait for repairs on these easy fixes ever again.