HVAC Safety And Maintenance During Our Snowy Months

During the snowy months, its sometimes hard to keep up with all the maintenance on our homes to ensure that we stay safe and warm. 

Listen to this quick video on HVAC maintenance because this is something that you do not want to stop working in the middle of winter!!!

In a nutshell, check the HVAC pipes, ie furnace and hot water pipes that run out of your home, both lower to the ground and any pipes that exhaust fumes from the roof.  Make sure that they are not covered in snow or blocked by snow in any way.  

You do not want your heating or hot water to stop working because of blocked pipes caused by the snow, easy fix that you can do yourself and stay on top of, but a service call will cost you $150 approx.  

More importantly, you do not want to mess around with carbon monoxide, so you do want fumes going back into your home due to blocked pipes.  This is more relevant for older homes and/or HVAC systems.  

 Just stay on top of this and keep an eye on those pipes.