Overlooked!!! Why You Should Clean Your Clean Your Chimney Every Year

Everyone who’s ever burned anything before knows what soot is. It’s the black, powdery substance left behind on anything that fire has touched. It’s messy and very difficult to clean. 

Creosote, however, is another by-product of burning wood. As it builds up in your chimney, it becomes more and more flammable, making your chimney a fire just waiting to happen. 

The best way to get rid of soot and creosote buildup is to hire a chimney sweep. A chimney sweep will clear the soot and creosote from the chimney liner, firebox, smoke chamber, and damper. Cleaning this equipment will ensure safe, efficient operation of your fireplace and/or heating systems. 

Whether you use your fireplace a lot or a little, you should schedule a chimney inspection annually. This will ensure all your systems are working the way they should and that any issues are taken care of before they become major expenses. 

If any cleaning or other maintenance is necessary at the time of an inspection, it will be done at that time. Even if you don’t have a fireplace in your home, you should still have your heating system inspected each year for proper function and safety. 

The ideal time to have your chimney inspected and/or cleaned is before the heating season starts. Many homeowners prefer having it done in the spring or early summer, so it’s done and out of the way well before they need to use their heat again. The longer you wait into the year to schedule a chimney inspection, the longer you may end up waiting to get it done as chimney sweep companies get busier as the year progresses.  

Once you’ve become a customer with a chimney sweep company, they often will place you on their appointment calendar every year, so you have a standing appointment without having to call in to schedule one. Many homeowners find this service very convenient as chimney inspections often get overlooked otherwise. 

The chimney on your home is very important and should be maintained properly to ensure the efficiency of your heating systems as well as their safety. Be sure to have your chimney inspected and/or cleaned every year. 

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