Overpricing Your Home Leaves Room For Negotiation .... Right??

Buyer’s are smarter than they’ve ever been.  They have access to more information and information is power.  

Along with that we, as Canadians, seem to have this endearing quality of not wanting to anger others.  It’s not a bad thing but it can be annoying sometimes. 

Armed with all of this information and deep rooted sense of concern for offending people, if your list price does not prove value to them, THEY WON’T OFFER!

They will wait.  And waiting causes two things.  It causes your listing to become stale and it causes people to eventually offer you LESS!

The longer your home sits on the market waiting for that offer that you're willing to negotiate, the less money you will be offered when that offer comes in.  

I would hate to see you list for more and get less when you could have listed for less and got a little more in the end.  

Our Home Run Method walks you through the in’s and out’s of pricing your home CORRECTLY in the current market.  

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