She said .....

Let’s take it back to January 2020. Before covid took over.

Taylor and I had booked our dream trip Greece for 16 days in May. We were so excited. We had everything planned, booked and paid time to wait.

Yet, we all know what happened a few months later. Covid hit and cancelled everything.

This was not a normal trip to Greece. I was planning on proposing while in Greece. Romantic, right?

Time to think of another plan. A few months later when Ontario was reopening,   I planned a weekend away at a resort and spa. Then we hit another lockdown. My proposal plan was cancelled yet again. This did not stop me!

So, I wrote a storybook. Yes, a personalized storybook. This highlighted  our relationship, memories and our future together. When the book was finished, I planned for the perfect day and time.  Then I got down on one knee, said what’s on my heart and opened the ring box.

What she said next would change our lives forever because…..

She said YES!