Love Or Hate?

Do you love or hate your cell phone? 

For me, it’s a love-hate relationship. Sometimes I feel guilty when I spend too much time on my phone, but the question is… Is this the new normal? 

Everyone knows that when your screen time notification pops up, you want to look away. 

My generation was the first to really grow up with advanced development in technology. 

If the youth were to be restricted from technology and smartphones today, they would have a major disadvantage in the development of society. 

Getting into the real estate industry, I realized I always have to have my phone by my side. I don’t feel guilty about this because it’s a major tool in running my business. 

Nor do I feel guilty when I am keeping up with the lives of friends and family.

The guilt starts to kick in when I scroll through useless content for an hour knowing I could’ve done something more productive.

Balance is the key word here. We clearly cannot live without our phones these days so using them for the right reasons will bring us far.