Dogs .... they eat the Weirdest Things!! 

Well, at least my dog does.

Socks are his favourite. We keep everything up and away from Archie. Yet, he still finds socks…I don’t know where or how. Are they the socks that everyone loses in the dryer? That’s my best bet.

Socks aren’t the only thing that he enjoys eating. This next one disgusts me the most. Are you ready?

Garbage on our walk. That’s right...cigarette butts, tissue, bags, leftover food and everything else that you see on the ground. I’ve never realized how much garbage there actually is on the ground. It’s pretty bad.

I’ve always walked with my head up looking in the direction I’m going. I have to now look at the ground to ensure there is no garbage in Archie’s sight.

I started to wear gloves on our walks so that I can take the garbage out of his mouth and not be too grossed out.
There is good news!

Archie is starting to grow out of this habit. He was only born in June 2020, so he is still a pup!

We have done a lot of great training with him. He is actually a great and smart dog.  The only thing left is for him to get over this garbage eating habit on our walks!