I Missed The Birth Of My Daughter ....


It was lunchtime when we arrived at the hospital.  

The contractions were starting to hurt so we were close. 

We settled into our room and Andi was given an epidural. 

I was hungry. 

I decided to go to the hospital cafeteria.  

The line up was long and yes, I sat down and enjoyed my lunch and a little me time!!! 

By the time I got back, Andi was panicking and my daughter was born 10 minutes later.  

In my defence, she was quick.  With our other kids, we were waiting hours!!!! 

Fun fact - our daughter  was born in her sac. In other words, Andi’s water didn’t break.  

Google it ... amazing. It was the first time our obstetrician had seen it. 

I nearly missed it ??.