One Weird Trick I Use To Get You An Accepted Offer!

Right now, the market is wild. We’re seeing 5-30+ offers on a home. 
The listing agent receives a repeat of the same email.
Just with different offer prices, deposit amounts, and conditions. 
So what do I do to set you apart from everyone else?
How can I make sure that my clients are SEEN amongst the influx of other offers?
I have you create a letter, which I will review and edit. 
I also have you insert a photo in the letter. 
This could be a family photo or your kids holding their beloved dog.
And if you’re really confident, I ask you to film a video with your dog or kids or by yourself!
Does this work? Absolutely. 
It helps create a connection between you and the seller. 
Most sellers have an emotional connection to their home. 
We want them to feel comfortable leaving their home in the hands of amazing new owners.
Earlier this year, my clients were competing against 18 other offers. 
Do you know what got us the deal? 
Our letter. The seller loved the idea of a younger  family moving into their home. 
The listing agent specifically told me that they received much higher offers.
But the seller was drawn to my clients because of their story.
It’s not always about the price. Relationships are just as important, if not more!
If you’re interested in knowing more about my process, ask me for my 5-Step Process.
- Martina