That's why all of our clients get a free staging consultation. ⁣
As a realtor, I know what makes houses sell. I know, generally, what improvements we're going to need.⁣
But a stager? They take care of all of the cosmetic stuff.⁣
They can show you how to arrange your furniture so it opens up your room.⁣
They know what you need to hide away or declutter.⁣
And they can do a better job than I can.⁣
I'm committed to excellence for my clients. A part of that is knowing when to step back and let someone else be the expert.⁣
We do all the work - we make all the calls and we've even partnered with a lender to get contractors in for you. ⁣
That way, when we list and market, we're confident that we've got your home showcased in the best possible way.⁣
Our team isn't just the agents and assistants who work in the office. It's also the professionals like mortgage brokers, stagers, photographers and renovators. ⁣
The people we've built relationships with and trust to make your home stand out.⁣ The people I hire for my own home!
Call me at (289) 828-0288 if you know your family is ready to move to a bigger space and you want it done fast and easily.⁣

I’m here to help!

- Piers