Who Knew Pets Were Such A Problem!!!!

How many of you have a pet that you would bring with you when you move out? 

The funny thing about rental properties is that the landlord isn’t allowed to refuse pets. It’s understandable! Some people might bring 3 Great Danes rather than a hamster but rules are rules! 

I dealt with a situation a while ago where my clients had two medium sized dogs. They fell in love with a townhome that “didn’t allow pets”. I knew they loved this home so I inquired… 

When you submit an offer for a rental, you submit a rental application as well. There’s a section on the application that describes if you have pets and what they are. 

I contacted the listing agent first to see what the landlord’s thoughts are on dogs. She said: “Well, if it is small and doesn't make a mess, I would most likely be okay with that.”

I got my clients to fill out the form and describe the 2 dogs. Everything was going very smooth and they were about to accept the offer. Until I got a notification from the other agent…

“My client is still considering the offer now. She didn’t realize there were two dogs”.  She must not have gone over the rental application.

At this point, there was another offer on the table so I was nervous she would back out. Realistically, they can’t refuse your pets. If there are other offers they can definitely go with the other one.

I waited anxiously for about an hour until they finally got back to me with good news. It’s accepted!! Looks like she was okay with the pets after all.

We got everything signed and I gave my clients the good news. They were thrilled. 

Lesson learned here, always make it very clear about what kind of pets you have if you are dealing with a rental!! 

What kind of pets would you bring?

- Nadia