One Teacher I Will Never Forget

I was in a grade 7/8 split class. I was in grade 7.

He was the “cool” teacher. The one that was invested in our learning but also in having fun. 

I was a tall girl in elementary school. I played just about every sport possible.

My teacher was also my coach in track and field and flag football.

He used to let me stay after school and practice high jump in the gym for hours. 

I’ll never forget when he said to me, “Martina, I want to see you in the local newspaper for receiving a scholarship.”

That never happened hahaha but it has always stuck with me. 

He was the teacher that taught me to never give up. 

He was the teacher that taught me anything is possible. 

He prioritized our education but also our need as kids to play sports and to be active. 

I remember several other lessons he taught us.

For example, never start a sentence with “so.” Very random, ha!

But it’s crazy that almost 16 years later, I still remember this teacher. 

Do you remember any of your past teachers? What was your favourite thing about them?

- Martina x