My team and I play a drinking game ....

Every time a realtor says "natural light" we take a shot!!! 

Its one of those overly used buzz words. 

And as much as I hate its use, I can't deny the importance of light, natural or otherwise in a home.  

Even the most beautiful home won't make a great first impression, if the buyer is walking into a dark and dreary space.   
Light is not so much a feature; it sets the inital tone, which needs to be positive.    

Its presence or lack of will determine how a buyer feels, as soon as they step through the front door. 

So do yourself a favour, brighten up your living space!!

-  Use wall mirrors
-  Add Lamps, lamps and more lamps 
-  Swap out light bulbs for brighter ones
-  Remove or push aside heavy curtains.
-  Decor/walls should be neutral/pale

Bonus tip  - for a space that's lacking in light of the natural kind, place mirrors opposite lamps/light fixtures.  We want that light to bounce off as many surfaces as possible.

- Justin