Realtors Are A Big Part Of The Housing Problem That We're In!

Houses are overpriced because of the commission realtors take!!!

This was a comment in a local FB group I read this morning.  It's frustrating to read things like this.  But I also understand that people that aren't in this industry truly don't understand.  

So here's my chance to educate and make sure the correct information is out there.  

Did you know that the average agent in the Hamilton Burlington area makes barely 18k per year? 

And over covid, the average buyer commission for buyer agents has dropped .5% in Burlington. 

I would think it safe to presume that your job hasn't lowered your salary.  We need to provide for our families too.  

Realtors are not manipulating the prices. How CAN we manipulate the price? 

We are not forcing people to buy houses for the prices they pay.

There are nearly 700 expired, canceled, or suspended listings in Burlington. Over the last several months.  Listings that NEVER sold. 

So this opinion assumes that it's our fault we push prices so high .....but it's our fault houses aren't selling. 

Here's the reality.  The market is what it is. 

Realtors are here to help and advise and negotiate.  

We're here to provide accurate detailed information to our clients.  

But at the end of the day, a seller will list for what they want to list and a buyer will pay what they want to pay.  Despite any advice we give.  

That's out of our control.

- Justin