There Are Two Types Of People In This World!

🎤Those who Karaoke and those who don’t!!!

I’m definitely the former. 

My wife Andi and I used to hit the Black Bull every Saturday night when we first met.

I sang… she didn’t 👨‍🎤.

I loved performing. I would sing drunk, sober. 

To a busy crowd and to an empty pub. 

I didn’t care. 

I even sang at my in-laws' street party once. A little risky as I had just started dating my wife….it all worked out!!!

The singing bit …. I liked it a lot. But I also found it inspiring to watch other people.

Yes….most of the time, it's the drink singing. But what if it's their alter egos? What if it's actually their true selves that are on stage.

Their true passions and desires being expressed through the language of song.

Whether you’ve had a bit of dutch courage or not, it's scary to stand up on stage and sing. 

Watching people face this fear and become their own icon, it's pretty incredible.

This is why I love karaoke. Everybody gets to be a superstar - even if it's just for a few minutes. 

No judgment. 
No fear. 
No one cares!
Everyone is there to have fun.

My go-to song…..“Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy”. 

Even played this song at my wedding and sang my heart out to it!!!

What’s your favourite karaoke song to sing?

- Justin