March 2021

Dogs .... they eat the Weirdest Things!! 

Posted on Mar 25, 2021

Well, at least my dog does.

Socks are his favourite. We keep everything up and away from Archie. Yet, he still finds socks…I don’t know where or how. Are they the socks that everyone loses in the dryer? That’s my best bet.

Socks aren’t the only thing that he enjoys eating. This next one disgusts me the most. Are you ready?

Garbage on our walk. That’s...

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I Missed The Birth Of My Daughter ....

Posted on Mar 11, 2021


It was lunchtime when we arrived at the hospital.  

The contractions were starting to hurt so we were close. 

We settled into our room and Andi was given an epidural. 

I was hungry. 

I decided to go to the hospital cafeteria.  

The line up was long and yes, I sat down and enjoyed my lunch and a little me time!!! 

By the time I got back, Andi was panicki...

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Expired, Cancelled, Off Market .... Oh My!!!!

Posted on Mar 10, 2021

If you’re a buyer looking for your next home in this current market, these are words you should be familiar with. 


If your agent has you on a search and your waiting for the next home to hit MLS, you’re doing what everyone else is doing.  

And once that home hits MLS, you and everyone else will be offering. It’s no joke that most listings right now...

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