March 2023

Unsexy BUT Crucial!!

Posted on Mar 23, 2023

Nobody thinks about these costs when deciding if they can afford to move!!

It's not the most exciting part of buying a house.  But it's definitely an important one!

Closing costs are the fees and expenses that you'll need to pay when you close the deal on your new home. 

These costs include lawyer fees, title insurance, home inspection fees, and land tr...

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Upsizing Your Home Can Be The Answer To All Your Stress!!!

Posted on Mar 16, 2023

Siblings sharing bedrooms, lack of storage, need for more garage, driveway space etc.

BUT ...

It's vital, that you upsize the right way.

You don't want to regret this decision by getting caught up in the excitement of a new home. And forget about the implications involved.

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You're Selling Your Home

Posted on Mar 09, 2023

It's exciting.  

Then you realize all the decluttering, packing, and cleaning that you’ve got to do.  Bang smack straight in the face!!!

It's a lot of work. 

Let's tackle one issue here - cleaning.

Before you list, there’s no doubt about it.  You have to give your home a good, deep cleaning.  

I have a guy for everything, including this, if it's not something...

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I Love Social Media!!

Posted on Mar 02, 2023

But there's a dark side!

I had an interesting conversation in a FB group back last year. 

A post that started, somewhat innocently, poking fun at something my team did. Set off a hailstorm of negative comments!

The original poster clearly didn't realize I was in the group. 

We had buyer clients who were looking to buy in Burlington. 

They were patient. Bu...

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