November 2018

Are You Under Pressure To Sell?

Posted on Nov 30, 2018

Are you under pressure to get your home sold?

  • You need to sell your home to avoid having two mortgages to pay.
  • You need to sell your home because this is the last mortgage payment you can afford to make.
  •  You need to sell your home so that your children can start the new school year in their new school.
  • You need to sell the your so that you can release...

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What Should You Disclose When Selling Your Home?

Posted on Nov 29, 2018

So... how much should you tell your home's new owners? 

The best way to approach this question and what to disclose in the the Sellers Property Information Statement (SPIS) is to ask yourself yourself the question "Would I want to know about the issue in question"?. If the answer is yes, then disclose it. So here are a few examples of what you should...

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5 Ways To Make A Tiny Bathroom Look Spacious

Posted on Nov 27, 2018

A tiny bathroom isn’t an ideal situation, and while we can’t really help with making it bigger without some demolition, we can help you make it appear more spacious with these simple tricks.

Make The Room As Bright As Possible
A bright room always looks and feel bigger than a dark, dreary one. Make your tiny bathroom as bright as possible using the t...

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Paint Your Interior If It Needs It

Posted on Nov 27, 2018

Dark, dreary colors can shrink the perception of space. Old, stained paint makes rooms look decrepit. By painting with contemporary colors and ideally with a little insight from a knowledgeable Real Estate agent or interior designer, you can change the whole feel of your home. There is not another home improvement that will give you more bang for y...

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