Is your bathroom on the small size or perhaps just an awkward shape?

If you are like us, it's sometimes challenging to keep that one room organized and have the storage that you need, especially for ladies and all the utensils and products that are needed. Here are some really cool storage tips and tricks to help create that all important organized feel to the room:

1. Put cabinet doors to work. Do not neglect the back of your cabinet doors. Keep flat irons, blow dryers and brushes at hand and out of sight in a space-saving bin.

2. Throw a Lazy Susan under the sink. This is perfect for storing the extra bottles of shampoo etc without knocking over the cleaning wipes by storing bottles here.

3. Double up on rods. Instead of cramming shampoo and conditioner on the tub edge, outfit the shower with a second rod near the wall. S-hooks keep loofahs and small caddies out of the way (and not falling all over the place).

4. Stack your shelving. Create storage where there once was none by adding some height whether it be by the sink with stacked shelving or don't forget over the toilet with floating shelving.

5. Hang jars for vertical storage. A rustic pallet is the perfect skinny surface on which to hang jars that house makeup tools. Plus, it acts as a design element first, storage second.

6. Stick shelving near the ceiling. Do not underestimate the power of the super high shelf!!!!! This idea adds a decorative frame to the door and keeps bathroom bulk out of everyday sight.

7. Install secret shelving. A full-length mirror can be used for so much more than an outfit check: It also hides a wall full of bath supplies.