Why You Might Be Happier Living In A Smaller Home

If you’re like most people, you envy those who own big, spacious homes. With their ample square footage and their expansive lush lawns, it’s easy to get carried away in the lavishness of it all. But, have you ever stopped to think about things like cleaning the massive structure and the amount of money it must take to heat and cool it? These are just two of the reasons you may be happier living in a smaller home.

Here are a few more you may not have thought of:

Cleaning And Decluttering
When you live in a smaller home, obviously, it takes less time to clean it from one end to the other. In some instances, you may even be able to vacuum every inch of flooring using just one power outlet. Alternately, with less space to put things, you’re faced with a serious need to keep things clutter-free. That is unless you like looking like a crazy hoarder.

Family Togetherness
Living in a smaller home forces family togetherness – whether you want it or not. You are literally close to each other with no escape unless you go outside. It’s a great way to get to know each other better and maybe even like each other better. Who knows? Everyone might even begin to enjoy each other’s company.

Purchase Price And Property Taxes
Obviously, if there’s less house, it’s going to cost less to purchase it. A smaller home will cost less than a large home initially, and as such, you will pay less in property taxes as well.  After all, its not fun being "house poor".  

Heating And Cooling
Another perk of living in a smaller house is the fact that it costs less to heat and cool the structure throughout the year. This fact alone is a major selling point of small homes as utility prices continue to climb all around the country. With all of these money savings, you’ll have more disposable income for the things you enjoy most.

Young Children
When you live in a large home with small children, it can be difficult allowing them free reign around the house without constant supervision. You just never know what kind of trouble they may get into. If you live in a smaller home, however, you can pretty much hear everything they are doing from anywhere, so allowing them to roam on their own isn’t such a great concern.

Smaller homes have smaller rooms, making it easier to spend a little more on upgrades and renovations. In a tiny kitchen, for example, you may be able to afford new cabinets (because there are just a few), whereas, in a larger kitchen, you would only be able to afford a fresh coat of paint for your existing cabinets (because there are so many). It’s fun to watch TV renovation shows that feature large, lavish houses, but when it comes down to it, living in a smaller home will probably make most people happier.

So if you are one of those people with house envy because your friend lives in a mansion in comparison, just remember the grass isnt' always greener!!! 

- Justin