5 Ways To Reuse Broken Household Items

For many of us, breaking something usually means we throw it away. Sure, in some instances, we’re able to repair the broken item, but if not, it ends up in the clutches of the weekly garbage collector way before its time. If you hate throwing things away just because they are broken, keep reading. There is a wealth of great projects you can make using broken household items that are otherwise useless in their original intended purposes. Below, we’ve compiled a short list of five ways to reuse broken household items to create stunning décor and more for both inside and out.

Broken Picture Frames
Don’t fret when your pooch knocks off and breaks the glass out of a picture frame, and definitely don’t throw the frame away. Instead, buy a new frame for the picture and use the broken one to create a lovely earring and necklace holder for your bedroom or bathroom wall. Here’s what you do. Step 1: Remove any broken glass that remains. Step 2: String thin wire across the frame, adhering it on the backside with a staple gun. Use the wire to hang dangly earrings. Step 3: Using hot glue, attach a piece of lacy material or chicken wire to the back of the frame about one-third of the way down. Poke your post earrings through the lace, using their backs to hold them in place or hang earrings from the chicken wire. Step 4: Attach small hooks to the bottom of the frame to hang necklaces.

Broken Terra Cotta Flower Pots
If you have a broken terra cotta flower pot or two, don’t throw the pieces in the trash. Use them instead, as markers in your garden. Simply use a permanent marker to write the name of each plant on a piece of the broken pot. You could even add some artwork to each label. Once dry, place the labels with their corresponding plants for a fun and attractive way to identify plants and flowers in your garden.

Broken Dishes/China
It can be hard to throw away broken china, especially when it’s a family heirloom that holds sentimental value. The good news is, you don’t have to throw it out just because it’s broken. Instead, use the pieces to create a stunning piece of art for your backyard. Glue the pieces to an old watering can or birdbath. Use white grout to fill in the spaces between the pieces and allow it to dry. What you end up with will be a one-of-a-kind piece of art you’ll love, and you won’t have to part with that special piece of china.

Broken Umbrellas
You can blame it on the rain, but broken umbrellas are bound to happen. When it does, there’s no need to throw it out. If you can sew, make a handy tote bag instead! With just a few snips, the material removes easily from the umbrella’s metal frame. A quick search online turns up several patterns you can use to cut that material into any size tote bag you’d like. Follow the instructions provided to make your own broken umbrella tote bag.

Broken Crayons
If you have kids, you probably have more than your fair share of broken crayons, too. Instead of throwing them away, use the crayons to make fun candles. Simply melt the crayons, one color at a time. Pour the melted wax into small clear jars, placing a wick at the center and then allowing to set.

There’s really no end to the number of fun and beautiful projects you can create using broken household items. The next time you’re left with a broken dish or some other household item, use your imagination to see how you can reuse and repurpose it.