Why Do We Need Real Estate Agents

Its funny that if we needed our appendix removing, we wouldn't ever dare to do it ourselves.  We would seek the help of a fully qualified surgeon.  Someone who is trained and knows that they are doing.  

Now I know that's a bit of an extreme example so how about those of us that employ the help of someone to clean our homes, because we don't have time to do the job properly ourselves.  

Or perhaps you pay someone to cut your hair.  Lets face it, we all know how to use scissors so why don't we save our money and just cut our own hair? 

When it comes to real estate, in an effort to save money (which isn't always the case) suddenly we have not only the skills required but the time needed to take on the task of selling our home, without any professional help.  

But do we really?

This is just a little reminder that realtors study hard for the qualifications, knowledge and skills necessary to enable them to help people sell their homes.    We know how to get a home ready for listing, we know how to market the pants off of your home, we know how to negoitiate plus we know how to deal with all the millions of issues that come up during the selling process.  

Bottom line, we know how to get the most amount of money for your home, with the least amount of stress for you and your family.