I Missed My Own Engagement Party!! 

Actually, that's a bit of an exaggeration.  I did stop in to say hi to everyone.  I then had to go to my open house!!!

When my eldest son was born, I left my wife and new born in the hospital with her parents to go show a house. 

I missed some of my nephews' birthday celebrations over the years.  

I've been late for my own birthday parties. 

I've walked in DURING the meal at Thanksgiving and Easter dinners.  

Its funny because there's a perceived notion that my time as a realtor is my own.  To schedule and pick and choose what I do and when I do it.

The true genius in being an entrepreneur is balancing that time. 

Serving your clients.  Plus being the best father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, husband or wife you can be!!

We don't get into it to be completely absent from our families.  

We don't start a business so that our kids grow up without a parent! 

We do it for the freedom.  The freedom to choose who we work with and where we spend our precious time. 

It took a LOT of years for me.  I learned from the best (my parents!).  

The reality is that if we aren't 100% good at home, our business will suffer!  

I've put a lot of effort into balancing home and work.  

I want and need to be present for my family.  I want and need to be present for my clients.  

I'm proud of the method of business that I've created.  It allows me to be the best I can be with both hats on!!!