A model, prison guard and lawyer walk into a bar!!

Sounds like the start of a joke, right?

Nope, it’s our team hang out!!!

Our team is made up of some fantastic “formers”!!

  • A former sales manager for a video game company. 
  • A former retail assistant. 
  • A former lawyer. 
  • A former model.
  • A former bartender.
  • A former Ford Motor assembly line worker.
  • A former restaurant manger.
  • A former prison guard!!!
Yes we have someone on our team who can literally build you a car!!!!! 

My point is ..... there’s more to any story than meets the eye!

Our team is a rich tapestry of humans with incredible stories!

And by “we” that includes you, too. 

Our clients and the community are a big part of everything we do!

We’re all more than what we do to make money.  

Let’s hear your “former” stories!!  

What was your first proper grown up job ?

I love a good origin story!

- Justin