I'm An Addict!!!!

It may not be in the way you're thinking though ....

I care about all the people in my life. I am a good person. 

So when situations arise that question my character, it hurts.  I don’t sleep well and I walk around with that pit deep in my stomach.  

This happened recently.  My integrity was questioned by someone that I very much respect.    

The fact that another human thought I had done wrong bothered me.  Really bothered me.  I couldn’t figure out why.   I knew in my heart that I was in the right. So why did I feel like I was in the wrong? 

I suffer from approval addiction.  An intense desire to win the approval of those around me and avoid feelings of rejection..

So what did I do?

It's simple.  

I moved on...

So I pissed someone off who didn’t have the right to be pissed off.

That’s their problem.  Not mine. 

I had to remind myself that I am a person who has free will.  I can determine the direction of my own actions without the demand for approval.

They didn’t approve.  That’s fine.  That’s life.

- Justin