This Might Seem Obvious To Some!!

Less obvious to others.   

Leave the house during showings 👋🏻👋🏻.

It's tempting to want to “help” your sale by being home while buyers look around the house. But it’s actually uncomfortable for the buyers.

Nobody wants to see you making dinner or smell your laundry.  

Neither do they want to have to walk around your teenage kid who’s napping on the couch.
Serious Buyers want to explore.  

They’ll open closets and cabinets.  They'll check inside the kitchen appliances.  

Lift your area rugs to check for scratches on your hardwood.

They’ll want to take their time and not get distracted thinking about you.

The goal of every showing is to make the buyer connect with your home.  That starts with making it comfortable for them to explore. 

No connection = no offer.

👉🏻PLUS hearing people criticize your choice of paint colours isn’t fun.

So go out and stay out. That includes your open houses too. 

No sneaky visits back to your house between 2-4pm on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.
- Justin