Would You Swipe Left or Right?

Curb appeal used to make the first good impression on a listing.

With 96.5% of the total population of Canada having access to the internet now, good listing pics are vital.   Professional photographers are a must. 

If your agent takes the photos themselves, run!!! Fast!!!!!   They’re trying to cut corners and save money.   Not for you, for them. If they spend less on the photography, they pocket more of the commission.

Before picture day, you need to get your home ready.  

Your agent should be advising you on everything that needs to get done.  

👉🏻 How do the front/backyards look? 
👉🏻 Your home, appliances, etc must be clean, do you need help with that?
👉🏻Do any rooms need repainting?
👉🏻 Any light bulbs or light fixtures need replacing?
👉🏻 Any flooring needs to be fixed/replaced
👉🏻 Etc etc

Staging is as important as the pics.  

Your agent should provide a staging consult, from a professional. 

A perfect pic is only as perfect as its muse!!!!  A crappy-looking house will still take a crappy-looking picture.  
Even if taken by a professional.

The bottom line, your listing needs to be internet-perfect. 

A good agent will help you achieve this. 

First impressions, even if they’re online, can last.

- Justin