Do You Have A Spare 200K?

Times are tough right now.  Nest eggs are not quite as full!

So coming up with a 20% down payment is hard.  

But here's the deal ....

While 20% is a common down payment, there are options with as little as 5% down.  This is possible with a couple of different products.

The first is mortgage insurance.

If this is something you need to consider,  first understand the implications.

Your lender would put in place a mortgage loan insurance if your down payment is less than 20%.   This insurance helps keep things safe for your lender.

Typically, it's rolled into the total cost of the mortgage.  This means that a smaller down payment may mean higher monthly mortgage payments.  And of course those insurance costs. 

Secondly, there are options for "co-buying".

This is a relatively NEW service to the industry. A company called Ourboro has pioneered this with wide appeal in Ontario.  

As long as you have the first 5% down, Ourboro will give you the other 15%.  This means you can avoid mortgage insurance.  

It costs you NOTHING....up front!  

If you're curious and want more info, shoot me a text or call me at (905) 407-9837.

This is an incredible option.

- Justin