Here's some advice for anyone house hunting right now.

👉🏻Buy the house you know that you can afford. 👈🏻

Sounds obvious.  

But this can be different from the price that your mortgage company says you can afford. 

Mortgage companies will approve you for an amount that they think you can afford on PAPER.  

That’s very different from what you can actually afford.  Based on your lifestyle.  Number of dependants.  Job security etc etc.   

Will your income and expenses right now remain the same or similar in a month, 2 months, or 2 years time??? 

It's hard to predict what the future has in store.  Especially in the world with live in today.  The last few years have shown us that in spades!!!

Make sure those mortgage payments are affordable.  Even if your income goes down.  Or god forbid, if you lose an income. 

A less expensive house will mean that you can still make your payments, even with less income.

Don’t buy a home that you can only just afford right now.  

Make sure your mortgage broker helps you understand all the factors.  Before you fall in love with that home. 

You've got to think with your head and finances first.

- Justin