We Will Have Hard Conversations During Our Relationship! 

The first one will be that chat about what the market says your home is worth.

Verses what you think its worth.

But once we're over that hurdle, one of the hardest conversations we will have is when I relay feedback. On your listing.

Hearing what people don't like about your home is hard to hear.

It's hard to understand.

You love your home. So why don't potential buyers love it too?

But this info is important.

We have to act upon it.

Making changes to how your home looks can be a big part of selling it.

If there's something stopping people from buying it, we need to know that.

But don't take it personally.

While your home is for sale, it's no longer about you. It's all about the buyers.

I always want to be honest with you. Even if the feedback isn't the nicest thing to hear.

So when you list your home, be ready for these hard conversations.

Understand that any negative feedback is not a personal attack on you.

And remember, being able to hear this kind of feedback and acting on it is all part of the selling process.