Expired, Cancelled, Off Market!!!

If you’re a buyer looking for your next home in this current market, these are words you should be familiar with. 


If your agent has you on a search and you're waiting for the next home to hit MLS, you’re doing what everyone else is doing.  

And once that home hits MLS, you and everyone else will be offering.  

Your agent should be doing their best Sherlock impression for you right now. 

Searching their resources looking for anything and everything that fits your criteria.  

And that includes off-market properties. Listings that didn’t sell and those that are going to be. 

It's your agents job to find these opportunities on your behalf.

If you’re a serious buyer, any offer you make will be a serious offer.

Imagine having a situation where you find a home off market.  

If an agreement can be made, you’ve saved those sellers the worry of multiple people looking through their home.
It’s a win-win. 

So make sure your agent is doing their job right now.

- Justin