Stinky And Dirty ....

These are not words that you want to hear people say about your home. 

Especially if you're selling.  

The fridge, oven, dishwasher, washer, and dryer are all part of the package when someone buys your home.

It's shocking how many sellers forget these items when they're selling.   

I've opened ovens that are disgusting.  

Dishwashers that are full of dirty dishes!  

Fridges with food that's past its eat-by date.  

Here's what you MUST do:

👉🏻Clean out every appliance, from top to bottom. Make sure there's no leftover food or spills that could cause any gross smells.
👉🏻Make sure everything is in good working order. If there's a problem with any of the appliances, be honest and let the potential buyers know.
👉🏻Make sure all the pieces are there, like the oven racks or dishwasher detergent dispenser.

You want to show potential buyers that your home is well-maintained.

- Justin