I Left My Wife On Our Honeymoon!

Picture this: It was another beautiful night in Aruba.  It was paradise.  

My new bride and I were staying at a brand new resort hotel. It was perfect.  

Over the first few days of our stay, we’d made friends with 3 other newlywed couples.  One couple, who we still keep in touch with, were from Oakville!

We were all drinking in a bar one night.  My wife and I were soaking up the tropical vibes with our new friends.  

We sang karaoke.  The girls had sung Livin' On A Prayer.  

Suffice to say, there was lots of laughter, clinking glasses, and the soft hum of the ocean in the background.

After a few rye and gingers, I needed the washroom.  So I left the group and went to relieve myself.  

That was the last time my wife saw me … 

I went to the washroom.  But to get to the washroom, one would have to walk by the entrance to the casino.  

In my foggy haze the sounds of the machines and bursts of excitement called out to me.

20 dollars disappeared very quickly into one of the slots.  

And the next thing I knew I was sitting at a blackjack table.  I want to be very clear here.  Other than the basic rules, I know nothing about how to play any sort of casino card games.  

Several hands went by.  I was actually up.  I could feel the table getting annoyed at me.  Hitting or holding when I shouldn't.  
Causing mayhem as people came and went around me.  

Little did I know that a rescue operation had been launched!  The group back at the bar had split up to look for me!

Fast forward one hour. Andi found me.  Sitting there at the Black Jack table.   

I looked up sheepishly and smiled…..oh crap! Busted!

I write about this night and what I did with a touch of humour.  But don’t be fooled.  She wasn’t happy with me!

So let this be a friendly PSA to all the newlywed husbands out there: Don't pull a disappearing act on your new bride.  
Turns out, they're not huge fans of impromptu hide-and-seek games.

Lesson learned. Cherish every moment with your better half, especially when in paradise.

- Justin