Before You Buy ...Critical Mistakes To Avoid

That letter you got from a bank or a mortgage company isn’t a pre-approval... it's marketing.

Unless you've handed over a bunch of documents to a lender, you're not pre-approved for anything. You might be pre-qualified (100% of people are because again... marketing) but you're not pre-approved.

Pre-approval is key to thriving when buying and selling your home.

You need to know your budget. You also need to know what NOT to do while you're looking for a home. The main ones are:

👉🏻Get a new job
👉🏻Buy a new car or boat or major financed purchase
👉🏻Open a new credit card (unless advised otherwise)
👉🏻Close any credit cards
👉🏻Jack up your card balance

Basically... you only want to make moves that improve your credit. 


Because if you negatively impact your score, your pre-approval amount goes down.

Speaking to a lender not only helps you stay on budget, but it also helps you optimize your credit. Which is kind of important.

We work with one of the best in the biz. He's the guy the CBC and Yahoo! Finance go to when they need help.

As a part of the Home Run Method, we make that introduction and work with you every step of the way. 

Comment below if you want a copy of our guide that explains the process! 

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- Justin