Thinking Of Ditching The Agent?

Do you want to sell your home for more?  

But you don't want to pay commission?  

There's a reason 90% of sellers use a realtor.  

Selling a home takes time, knowledge of the neighbourhood, and great negotiating skills. 

So eliminating the agent's commission sounds very tempting… but don’t!! 

Here’s the thing, I ......

 ✔️Help set the right price
✔️ Get buyers in the door

I’ve got access to up-to-date information.  Information about recent sales of comparable homes and competing listings in your neighborhood. 

The market is shifting every day. It's my job to keep up with the changes.

I’ll also market the crap out of your home. 

Your home will make a great first impression with professional photographs.   I manage all the showings to prospective buyers, open houses, etc.. 

Once we have a buyer, I'll negotiate offers and sign backs.  I track the paperwork and keep everything in order.  

I’ll hand-hold you through this most nerve-racking part of the process.

Your home is your largest investment.  So selling it means you need the help of a professional, right? 

Supporting you and your kids emotionally, mentally and physically through this process, well that's my job.

- Justin