The Price of Ignorance ....

Selling your home and want to save money?

Some people decide to sell their homes privately. This is where the owners play the role of realtor.

I get it.

The need or want to save money on commission makes us all sudden real estate experts.

But something you might not know: This sometimes comes at a HUGE price.

Real estate is a complicated transaction.

You’re dealing with the biggest and most expensive investment.

It’s precious and should be handled by someone who knows what they’re doing .... right?

Believe it or not, agents study hard.

We take exams.

And continue with professional development throughout our career.

We need to keep updated with knowledge and the tools to be able to sell real estate.

We definitely don’t wake up one day and voila: we sell real estate.

It’s also difficult to price a home. Market it properly and then negotiate a deal without any experience.

I love the analogy that selling your own home is like taking your own appendix out.

There really is more to it than just putting up a for sale sign in your front yard.

- Justin