Avoid This Common Mistake When Listing Your Home! 

Did you know that MLS and Realtor.ca aren’t the same? 

A lot of people  think that just because a house is online, it’ll sell with no problem. 

But here’s the thing … in Halton and Hamilton, the Toronto board and our local boards don’t always share all  listings.

Imagine this: you’re a buyer in Burlington, and I’ve set you up to see all the local homes for sale. 

But, you’re missing out on local properties that are only listed on the Toronto Board! 

That’s a big chunk of potential homes you’ll never know about. 

And if you’re selling, and your agent only posts your home on the Toronto Board, think about how many local buyers will never even see your listing.

Here’s what my team does differently: we list homes on both the local board and the Toronto Board. 

This way, your home gets the maximum exposure it deserves. 

It frustrates me when clients don’t get the best service because their listings aren’t reaching all potential buyers. 

Here’s a fact for you.  If you’re scrolling through and seeing homes multiple times on Realtor.ca, it’s because they’re listed on two different boards. 

Double the listing, double the exposure!

- Piers